What is Boot Camp?

  • NOT a military style or feel
  • Music pumping and energy cranking
  • ALL fitness levels CAN DO THIS!!
  • Athletic/sport type drills
  • Cardiovascular
  • Strength training (dumbbells, body weight, and many varieties)
  • Endurance training
  • Plyometrics (or modified moves depending on client)
  • Agility drills
  • Camaraderie, fun and loads of TEAMWORK
  • Competitive Games
  • Nutrition guidance and weight loss plan with team concept (optional)
  • Each workout is unique and challenges clients based on individuals’ fitness levels
  • Upbeat atmosphere with emphasis on the team concept and encouragement

How long is each camp?

30 – 60 minutes and sometimes we may go over a tad

Boot Camp

1 hour of anything goes!  We have many formats we use ranging from partner drills, resistance bands, the Lebert Buddy System, Lebert Equalizers, TRX suspension training, stag rack for pull ups, plyometrics, sprints, squats , lunges, kettlebells, and the list goes on and on…. every day is a new challenge.

Tighten and Tone

Tighten and Tone is a 60 min class that incorporates muscular endurance weight training. We will work all major muscle groups in this non-stop power packed hour!


Kickboxing is a 60 min cardio kickboxing class using the basic punches and kicks in a choreographed format. This is a fun filled calorie scorcher workout!

Metabolic Mayhem

30 min intense workout designed to work multiple major muscle groups at same time, torching unwanted body fat and building lean muscle.  Efficient and effective.  (very little warm up.. you will want to get to class to stretch a few min early)


30 min intense cardio workout designed to use every muscle in your body for maximum results in less time with little to no rest.  Focus is on increasing your cardio respiratory fitness and crushing your calorie burn.   (very little warm up.. you will want to get to class to stretch a few min early)

FIT it in

45 min boot camp to fuel your day.  Shorter warmups and cool downs so you may want to stretch ahead of schedule so we can maximize the 45 min.


In addition to bootcamps, we encourage and offer nutritional guidance with meal plans emailed out weekly to those who want to participate (including an intense Belly Blast shred the fat plan), weigh ins (private info), team accountability (depending on type of challenge), online weight management tools, before and after pics taken to show off your results (check us out on Facebook under “Fit Brigade Success Stories), and a cash prize reward for the WINNER!!  All month long we encourage our teammates and have shout outs via a Facebook page that I set up for the group (our most recent challenge was a 6 week challenge called “Sexy in Six”). I also email out interesting pertinent articles that I come across to help everyone stay on track (food tips, how to handle holidays, etc). We stand out at the park as THE bootcamp to come join because a lot of people see/ hear the FUN we are having. Please don’t confuse that with meaning it’s an easy workout. NO SUCH THING..this is bootcamp. However, new folks to fitness as well as the seasoned athlete are all welcome and modifications will be shown throughout so that everyone has a successful experience and gets the workout they are capable of completing. As time progresses, so does each individual’s ability and intensity. We cause quite the scene as we joke around and have fun…sweat a TON…LOUD sound system pumping out the tunes, and the instructor (me) has a wireless headset microphone to ensure everyone can hear. No bootcamp is ever the same. We constantly keep the workouts changing. One day we might focus on “partner” drills, other days utilize the Monster Ropes, other days we may do Tabata (HIIT) training…some days more cardio / more weight training than others, but ALWAYS a great workout and a feeling of success as you leave the park (or as we like to call it… “Club OC” for Oyster Creek). Accountability is the key to any fitness/ weight loss/ nutrition program. No better way to be accountable than with everyone working on a team and all working towards the same goal with people cheering you on as opposed to trying to get you to fail. The team we have built is full of camaraderie and fun….yet we get the job done and have massive results to back it up!

Boot Camp Waiver

To participate in any boot camp you will need to download and fill out the Fit Brigade Waiver

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